Start Your Own Coffin Business

Coffin Training in South Africa 

There is a shortage of affordable coffins in South Africa - here’s how you can profit. We provide Coffin Training; you will learn how to start your own coffin manufacturing business.

Everyone dies, some or other time. Fact is, no one can be buried or cremated without the family having bought at least a coffin or some other form of approved container for the burial.

Many people shy away from manufacturing coffins because it reminds them of the fact that they will also die some day. Other people are scared to build coffins due to cultural beliefs. Think about this: People who are not afraid of making coffins and who have the will to be successful attend coffin training and become rich. A coffin is simply a wooden or steel box. Someone has to build coffins and if you take in consideration how many people die in South Africa every day, a coffin manufacturing business can be quite lucrative. This website provides the information that you need to help you start and run a coffin manufacturing business. 

Full Coffin training is provided even to people that have never done woodworking before. Coffins are not the only type of burial box. Normal flat lid caskets and dome caskets are also very much in demand. Have a look at the banner at the top of this website. The banner illustrates the differences between coffins, caskets and dome caskets.

Making coffins is a good home based business especially if your neighbours do not live close by. You are able to start a coffin manufacturing business from the space of a double garage. When you start, you do not need big expensive machinery and tools. As your coffin business becomes bigger, you will purchase bigger tools and machinery with the profit that you have made from the sale of the coffins that you have made and sold already. You can start building coffins in your spare time. As soon as you have made enough coffins, you can open your coffin business.

If you need to keep on working, you will want a reliable person to help you to manufacture the coffins while you are working. You may even want to send this person for a coffin training course. If you so require, we will teach only the manufacturing process, but keep the trade secrets and supplier information for your eyes only. This information will be sent to you separately. In this manner you can protect your business.

Everyone can do with a bit of extra money in their pocket. A good idea would be to appoint a retired carpenter who can do woodworking. Someone who lives on a state pension or whose pension does not cover all his expenses would be a good choice. Obviously, you will keep the trade secrets that define your coffin manufacturing business from the people who you appoint to help you make the coffins. An example of such a secret would be the formula for graining and staining the coffins, where to purchase the coffin handles, coffin lining and so forth.

Coffin & Casket Training Courses in Randfontein.

Course Date: 25 - 28 May OR 8 - 11 June 2020.
Course Price: R5000.


During a Coffin Training Course, we can train you or the person that you nominate how to manufacture all types of coffins, from economical coffins right up to top of the range coffins which are 4 tier coffins. No previous woodworking experience is needed. 

This is not a franchise so no Royalty fees are payable. Email Support is included. A Certificate of Completion will be issued if required. Your business will be advertised on 8 directories for free for one year  to help you with marketing your coffin business. You will also receive coffin manuals which are available in English or Afrikaans. Coffin Training Courses will be taught in English and Afrikaans by experienced lecturers.