Coffin Manual for Coffin Manufacturing

1. Introduction, giving important information about the coffin manufacturing business.

2. How to make the coffins according to SABS standards as efficiently and quickly as possible. This means that you will make affordable coffins.

3. The types of wood used in the manufacturing of coffins.

4. The tools and machinery used in the coffin manufacturing trade.

5. An explanation of how to use the machinery that you bought.

6. How to make sure that you follow proper health and safety rules which comply with the Labour Law.

7. A list of all the materials that you will need in the coffin manufacturing process.

8. How to mix and match different types of wood to create coffins.

9. The type of paints and mixtures used to finish the burial boxes (coffins) and suppliers of the coffin paints and mixes.

10. Suppliers of handle sets, decorations and trimmings for the coffin.

11. How to customize coffins according to the specifications of the customer.

12. Lengthening a burial box using the supplied diagram to make the template. Burial box means a coffin.

13. Learn how to increase the width of a burial box with accompanying diagram.

14. Re-enforcing the burial box for bigger than normal people to make sure that the coffin is a proper fit.

15. Templates, what they are, how they are used and why you cannot make coffins without them.

16. How to make coffin templates of your own economically.

17. How to create a coffin cutting list using the dimensions provided in the coffin manufacturing manual for every size and pattern that you may want to use.

18. Diagrams of all 7 jig templates. No coffin can be built without a jig. The jig for every size is made once and used over and over.

19. A jig helps you to form the coffin and it saves a lot of time during the coffin manufacturing process.

20. How to make the jig. You will need to make at least 7 jigs, one for each size.

21. The jigs help you to measure and assemble the coffin cost effectively.

22. Diagrams and measurements of every jig for every size.

23. How to assemble a jig, step by step.

24. Diagrams that explain the differences between coffins and caskets with detailed explanations.

25. Information on grave sizes and coffin sizes.

26. Table of inside measurements of the burial boxes, very important!

27. Detailed diagrams and explanations on the manufacturing of an adult coffin.

28. Diagram showing how to cut the coffin side panels.

29. Diagram showing how the markings on the side panels are made.

30. Degrees at the cutting points.

31. How to align the side panels.

32. How to guide the side panels around the shoulder of the jig.

33. Calculating and illustrating the shaping, bevelling and grooving of the panels.

34. How to make sure that the handles will be attached at the right point accompanied by a diagram.

35. How to cut the floor of the coffin.

36. How to attach the floor so that the manufacturer makes sure that the bottom will never fall out or leak.

37. How to insert the head and toe of the coffin.

38. How to remove the finished coffin from the jig.

39. How to prepare and make the lid.

40. Diagrams and explanations of the different standard types of lids.

41. Showing how to use a magic block.

42. How to attach the decorations on the different types of coffins.

43. Flat top coffin plus diagram.

44. Open face coffin plus diagram.

45. Open face with cross plus diagram.

46. Raised open face plus diagram.

47. Open face apron plus diagram.

48. Two tier open face plus 3 diagrams.

49. Three tier open face plus diagrams.

50. How to attach the finishing strips correctly.

51. How to cover holes, marks and mistakes on the wood.

52. How to customize caskets so that they are unique.

53. Cost effective formulas (12 in total) easy made yourself, to grain and stain the coffins. Materials for mixing the formulas can be purchased from a hardware store.

54. The process of graining and staining coffins.

55. A Diagram of a wall brackets used in the staining and graining process.

56. Storing the staining and graining mixtures.

57. An explanation of what to use and how to trim the boxes.

58. Identifying the handle sets, positioning it and matching it with the correct sizes.

59. How and when to line the burial boxes.

60. Approximate ages for each size of coffin.

61. How to transport finished coffins.

62. The plot dimensions for burial: very important information.

63. Quality control.

64. Cutting guide to be given to the supplier of wood. The supplier will use the cutting list that we provide you with to cut the wood for the coffin jigs and the coffins.