Coffin Marketing Manual:

The Coffin Marketing Manual describes your marketing strategy and how to go about marketing your business successfully.

Introduction to Marketing your coffin business and your coffins.

2. Information about the different Business types and registration of your coffin business.

3. Credit to Customers and how it will affect your business.

4. Researching your market and your product enabling you to provide the right coffin to the right market.

5. Who is your customer? What information do you need to do business with this customer?

6. The Coffin Brochure and how it assists you in your marketing efforts. We provide you with a CD with pictures you can use for your brochure.

7. The private market and how to tap into this lucrative source of business.

8. Registering a death; how it is done, provided for informational purposes.

9. How to purchase the burial plot, provided for informational purposes.

10. Transportation of the body, money to be made as a sideline.

11. Costing; how to ensure that you make a good profit from your coffin sales.

12. Marketing coffins through retailers and using distribution agents.

13. How to find retailers and how to train them.

14. How to advertise your coffin business cost effectively.

15. Making a deal with the Funeral Parlour, providing both the funeral parlour and the coffin manufacturer with come back business.

16. Selling to Funeral Parlours. How to research the funeral parlours.

17. How to sidestep labour problems and avoid extra costs in your business.

18. Cost of employment and how to regulate staff expenditure.

19. Your business plan: why you need a business plan even if you do not borrow money, includes basic business plan.

20. Conclusion.