Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a demand for Coffins?

Yes, there is. More people are dying than ever before! We constantly get calls from Funeral Undertakers asking who has qualified to make coffins. It is our policy to then refer the Funeral Undertaker to the nearest qualified coffin manufacturer that we have trained. 


What happens when I attend the Coffin Course?

On arrival at the training center you will be given the opportunity to view the type of coffins and the quality of the coffins that you will be able to make once you have completed your coffin training.

You then have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the coffin training and the coffins which we will answer.  You can then decide if you want to carry on with the training. Once you have decided to carry on with the training, you will pay any outstanding amounts (if any) due and start the training.

If you decide to become an expert coffin builder, we will allocate you with a table to work on. You will use our tools and machinery while you are doing the Coffin course. We will supply you with the wood and everything else that you need to make the coffin. When you have finished the coffin at the Coffin Training Center you can take it home. You will also take home 7 coffin templates and the jig that you made on the coffin workshop.

You will be shown a unique staining technique which is also used in the furniture industry. With this technique you can stain and grain chipboard so that it looks like real wood. We will also provide you with 12 formulas on how to make the stain yourself. You will also take home with you 2 manuals, one coffin manufacturing manual and one coffin marketing manual.  Book a Coffin Training Course Here.


How long is the Course and where is it held?

The coffins, caskets and dome caskets course is 4 Days long. The coffin training course is held in Randfontein on the West Rand of Johannesburg. 

We are willing to train after hours or on weekends.


How much does it cost to do a Coffin Training Course?

The Combined Coffins, Caskets and Dome Caskets Training Course (at our workshop) cost R5,000.00.

When must I pay for the Coffin Course?

We only accept 4 people per course and therefore you are required to pay the Full Amount when registering for a workshop or course. Our courses are small so that attendees receive lots of personal attention.

On the day that you start the course or workshop the FULL amount is also payable.


What must I bring with me when I attend the Coffin Course?

Bring old clothes to work in.
Bring enthusiasm, and an open mind that is willing to learn as much as possible. 
The more questions you ask, the more you will learn! 

What is the difference between a Coffin and a Casket?

A coffin is always measured by taking the measurements on the inside of the coffin and not the outside. The reason for this is that the body lies inside the coffin. A coffin can resemble the shape of a ship. You will notice that the head and feet part of the coffin is shaped at an angle of approximately 5 degrees.

Caskets always have elaborate cloth trimmings and the lid is mostly 2 or 3 Tiered or 4 layered. 4 layered means that the casket is made up of  3 tiers and also have a viewing panel fitted over the 3rd Tier. Caskets can also build with a Dome Lid. Caskets have elaborated “wood” trimmings at the head and feet and as a matter of fact, all around the casket. It looks much, much more expensive. Caskets are rectangular. Caskets are in many ways easier to make due to its simple form.

A casket is made with more elaborated handles and lining than coffins. You use swing handles or continuous handles. However, there are caskets that are being made with loose, but expensive handles. The whole or part of the casket opens and is lined expensively.

A lot of caskets are made of a combination of SUPAwood foil (lid), SUPAwood foil (side panels, head and feet) and chipboard for the bottom. Caskets are more expensive than coffins and therefore people expect the finishing and wood used to be of good quality. Caskets are deemed to be for the Upper Class. People expect to pay more for a casket than for a coffin. A Casket is a statement of quality and class!


What are your Business Hours? - When are you closed?

We are open throughout the year from Monday to Friday from 08H00 to 16H00 including Public Holidays. We are normally closed on Sundays. However, sometimes people request that we train them on weekends which we are willing to do on appointment.

We are open during these hours for your convenience. We know that many people start this business while they are still employed. This means that they are working after hours. If we did not answer the telephone after hours we would not be able to help them if they had a problem while manufacturing the coffins.


I do not have money for the whole package. Can I order only the Manuals?

No, we do not sell the manuals separately. The manuals without the jig templates and coffin plans is off no use to you. If you purchase the manuals only it means that you do not have ALL the information that you will need to make and build all the different types of coffins. It means that you will have to spend more money again. It is much more expensive to get trained in this way and still not have all the information at your fingertips.


What about Accomodation?



No problem!
Find accommodation very near to the training center.


Travel from Johannesburg station by train to RANDFONTEIN. We will pick you up at the RANDFONTEIN train station and take you to the guesthouse where you have booked your accommodation.

The following establishments cater for clients with different accommodation needs. Please contact them should you require accommodation while training.


Contact Us
PO BOX 597, Randfontein, 1760
Tel: 011 692 3516
Fax: 011 693 4909
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The Workshop is held in Randfontein on the West Rand of Johannesburg, 1½ hours drive from the airport. Randfontein is situated between Krugersdorp and Westonaria. There is secure safe parking at the Workshop.

How much does it cost to build a Coffin?

The cost of building a coffin depends on the type of wood that you will use. It also depends on the type of coffin you will be making. The more elaborate the lid of the coffin, the more it costs to manufacture. The more it cost to manufacture the coffin, the more your profit.

Much also depends on the type of upholstery and type of coffin handles and trimming that is attached to the coffin.
It also depends in which area you are going to sell the coffins, some areas being poorer than others. However, it is a known fact that the poor do not have access to proper hospital care, which mean more poor people die every day. There are also more poor people than rich people, which means that there is a huge market for cheaper and more affordable coffins.

It is a known fact that profit lies in the quantity of the product that you sell. The more you make and sell, the more profit you make.

It takes much less time to build a cheap coffin, so more coffins can be produced. Cheaper coffins are also manufactured from cheaper wood and the tools that you need to manufacture the cheaper type of coffin are much less expensive than the tools and machinery needed to make real wood coffins.

Remember, we supply you with a coffin marketing manual which will deal with all the above matters in detail.


Do you also train people to make Caskets, especially Dome Caskets?

Yes we do. We train people to make all types of coffins, ordinary Flat Top 3 Tier Caskets and Dome Caskets.