How To Manufacture Coffins

Coffin manufacturing is not as difficult as some people think it is. It is actually quit easy to manufacture coffins. Obviously if you have never manufactured a coffin you will need some training. We provide training, you just have to take the time and learn how to start your own coffin manufacturing business.

We all want to be financially secure. No one wants to be poor their whole life, but if you do nothing, nothing will happen; you need to take the first step and use your mind, your skills and your abilities and empower yourself to be the master of your own destiny.

So how does one manufacture Coffins?

Step 1: Make a positive choice, decide what your future will be, it is your choice. When you have decided that you want to manufacture coffins,  attend the coffin training that you need and start your own business.

Step 2: With training completed, start to plan your business. Set goals for yourself and keep your own promises by working hard to make your dreams come true.

So you need to know how simple it is to manufacture a coffin:

1.  During your training you will be provided with coffin templates. Cut the 7 coffin template sizes out carefully and choose the size coffin that you want to make first.

2. Use the template that you chose and put it on the wood that you had pre-cut when you ordered your wood from your supplier. The cutting list for all the sizes will be found in the coffin manufacturing manual.

3. Take the pre-cut template and put it on the wood that has been cut to manufacture the jig and transfer the template to the wood. You have now cut the base of the jig.

4. In your coffin manufacturing manual you will find a diagram of the size jig that you are making as well as the directions on how to put the jig together. You will also be able to see how the jig is made on the CD.

5. Having made the jig for the coffin, it is now time to assemble the coffin. Cut the side panels of the coffin as well as the toe and feet of the coffin.

6. First attach the two side panels to the jig.

7. Turn the jig around and place the jig on the piece of wood that will form the bottom of the coffin. Draw a line around the side panels and cut the wood out.

8. Attach the bottom to the coffin whilst it is still on the jig.

9. Attach the toe and head pieces that you cut out in step number 5.

10. Proceed to make the lid of the coffin.

You have just manufactured a coffin.

The coffin now has to be stained and grained. This is the easiest part of manufacturing a coffin and also the fun part. In your manual you will find 12 formulations that are easy to make and the ingredients can be bought at the local hardware store. Follow the instructions and make the formulas. Always keep in a container with a tight fitting lid. One liter of this formula will allow to to stain and grain about 100 coffins. Yes it's true! This is the cheapest magic that you have ever seen in your life and I promise that you will be amazed.

After staining and graining the coffin you will proceed to spray painting the coffin so that it has beautiful sheen. When dry you will attach the handles and the lining of the coffin. You are done. Now you need to display it and sell it.

So obviously the process described above it not as detailed as you would have liked, but how would I make money if I told you all the trade secrets that is part of starting and running a coffin manufacturing business.

Enroll for the coffin training today, give us 3 days to teach you how to manufacture the coffins and about 1 day to teach you how to market yourself and the coffins that you are making. Apply Here.