Types of Burial Coffins

Coffin training includes the different Types of Coffins that are available to the market; the market being the funeral parlour or private buyer of the coffin. Coffins come in different sizes ranging from baby coffins to oversize coffins. The size of the burial box (coffins) depends on the size of the person that will be buried or cremated in it. A size number 1 is used for the burial of a still born baby, whereas a size number 7 is used for an adult burial or cremation.
When you attend a Coffin Training Course you will find that it is not difficult to manufacture a coffin. Anything can be difficult if you have never done it before! If all the parts of the coffin have been cut, it takes only a half an hour to assemble if you know what you are doing. During the coffin training course we will show you how to assemble the coffin quickly and expertly.

Although some woodworking skills or experience is helpful, you will be trained from scratch by a knowledgeable, competent and patient lecturer. We believe that all coffin training should be practical, which means that you will build a small sample coffin and coffin jig while you are attending the coffin training course. All items that you make is yours to take home.

The following is a description of different Types of Coffins which you will be able to manufacture after you have attended the Coffin Training Course:  

You will learn to build Pauper Coffins: Pauper coffins are cheap coffins, used by the municipality and very poor people to bury their loved ones. These coffins are usually not trimmed or spray painted. If it is spray painted it is done only on the edges and around the corners of the pauper coffin.  

You will learn how to build a Flat Top Coffin; it is build with a full lid with no opening to view the deceased.   Alternatively, the family would open the coffin lid completely so that the whole body can be viewed. An unopened flat top coffin is also used when the deceased person died in an accident and the body has been badly damaged. This type of coffin is usually trimmed and fitted with ornate coffin handles and coffin trimmings to complete the product.

You will learn how to build Open Face Coffins. This type of coffin is usually selected when the family wants to view only the upper part of the body of the deceased; meaning the face and shoulders. The open face coffin is trimmed with coffin handles and accessories and the inside is trimmed with cloth according to the wishes of the family of the deceased.  

You will learn how to build a Two Tier Coffin. A Two Tier Coffin has 2 lids, one on top of the other and can have a viewing panel if requested by the family. 

You will learn how to build a Three Tier Coffin. This type of coffin has three layers or lids on top of each other and can have a viewing panel if requested. These coffins are more pricy than the other above mentioned cheaper plain coffins.  

You will learn how to make a Four Tier Coffin. When you attend the Coffin training course every type of lid will be explained to you. You will be taught how to make your own coffin lid templates for every product in the range. If you know how to make the templates on your own, you will be able to make any coffin that you can imagine. This means that although we provide you with 7 jig templates, (7 coffin templates) you will also know how to make templates for every little piece of wood should you want to start customizing and using your own designs.

When you attend a coffin training course you will learn how to spray paint the burial boxes and learn how to upholster coffins. We will also provide you with a disk that shows you in video format how to make the coffin trimmings and upholster the coffins. We provide you with the coffin trimming templates from size one to size seven so that you can make them yourself and save money in the process. In the coffin manual we will however supply you with the contact details of where to purchase the linings if you do not want to make the linings yourself.